A Vivid Definition of E-Commerce

02 Aug

With ever increasing inclination towards the online shopping and digital marketing, people are curious to know in depth about the subject. A few weeks ago I just went on a survey to get an idea about the percentage of

people who are aware of this form of marketing and favour Ecommerce. To my utter surprise, I was damn happy to check out the knowledge of my dear natives. They are updated and do know a lot about this term. But, sadly I could not find any who had a deeper knowledge of the subject. However, I am sharing this wonderful blog on E-commerce for all those keen learners who are curious to know more.


So, let’s head on a journey where we will resolve this tangled Subject called Ecommerce. I guarantee that this lesson will definitely offer you a new perspective for your business. The very first fundamental question that needs to be answered is “What is ecommerce?” Well, if you simply split this word you will get two different words: “E” and “COMMERCE”. And, if we talk about definition, you need to understand the meaning of commerce first.

In simple language, Commerce is what you call trade or business. Visit a market and you will hear the thousands of murmurings just like birds chirping somewhere. That confused sound may irritate you, but to a businessman that’s no less than music. The more is the volume and rush in the market; this music keeps getting pleasant for a trader. Traditionally, trading means exchanging goods or services for which the consumer pays the business person. And, the place where such marketing takes place is termed as market.


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