Facebook Ad Management

Facebook Ad Management

Align Facebook with Your E-Commerce Strategy


We better know this fact that Facebook is a 360 degree market opportunity for retail brands and this channel goes well with every stage of E-commerce conversion funnel. Except this, there are many brands which still struggle to know the strategy of allocating budget, implement and apply resources

That helps take benefit of the opportunities available with Facebook advertising. Our Facebook performance marketing program does an analysis and executes on ad methods which align Facebook with exclusive business aims.


We influence Facebook to add on to four chief business objectives

Brand Awareness

Multiplying market share while reaching new audiences



Designing net new site visitors, first time purchasers and email signups


Customer Activation

Turning one time purchasers and browsers into repeatitive buyers


Driving up customer loyality and brand awareness

How we launch your customized Strategy


  • We offer a dedicated facebook marketing team to handle your account’s daily and long term plans.
  • We audit the already existing creative briefing process to understand your company in a better performance over time
  • We deliver a customized performance social launch deck along with budget allocations, key performance indicators and approach recommendations segmented by your own discussed performance over time

Growing your audience size and profits


  • Complete setup and customization of Facebook pixel on the e-commerce platform
  • Use of Facebook insights and data cleansing of your CRM and the first party data into Facebook
  • A great setup of website custom audiences for actually retargeting new customer acquisition
  • A complete setup of almost similar audiences which is based on pixel data, CRM, video viewers, interest based audiences, and obviously the fans to grow brand awareness

Implementing on Day to Day Account Management


  • Execution of a segmented campaign, naming conventions, campaign architecture and reporting to align strategy and goals
  • Ongoing optimizations and ad creation in order to drive customer towards exclusive goals, promotions and KPIs.
  • Weekly reporting at the ad set, business objective level and campaign to offer insight into trended direction of the campaigns
  • Regular setup of A/B tests around copy, Creative CTAs, and landing pages for optimizing the target KPIs
  • Intake of promotional calendar in order to align non social promotions along with social messaging and certainly the engagement

Offering ongoing social Strategy and Channel Guidance


  • Active vetting of latest Facebook features and formats in order to determine if they will apply to a particular business objective.
  • Dynamic budget allowance to proactively shift spend to campaigns which are very effective during quickly integrating opposite to the campaigns that are not
  • Communicate on your behalf with Facebook support in order to recognize the relevant beta programs and offer support

Very close consulting with your brand and coordination as it is all related to ad placements

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