Is Chatbot Doing Enough for Businesses

02 Aug

You might have definitely come across the new thing called “bots”. And there is also a possibility that you have used messenger, WeChatwhatsapp and other messaging app earlier. Additionally, you would have added many apps in the

past few months to interact with people all around.

Today, people like talking to the crowd on social media sites more than getting involved with them publicly. And this transition or behaviour has multiplied the business transparency which has moved the customer communication towards messaging apps. These apps like WeChat offer structured messages which is certainly a boon for providing services and goods within the app. The product images, multiple answer choices, payments, order confirmations, plane tickets and even status updates can be done without any other app on your phone.

Today, a huge number of companies are using chatbots for reaching new customers, marketing products and services or for driving engagement and sales. However, building or operating a chatbot is not a simple walk in the park. Even after a lot of attention extravagated on chatbots in the past times, companies are still facing a lot of challenges in employing these professionals to create a value.


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